Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sometimes I wonder
"Sometimes" is an understatement
I wonder about a lot of things
I wonder why people use tanning beds
I wonder how hard it would be to completely disappear from everything
To erase everything about myself and go live in a cave in Spain
I wonder if there are any caves in Spain
I wonder what would happen if I would die
I'm not stupid enough to try and find out
But I wonder
As far as I know
I'm the only sentient thing in the universe and everyone else is just a figment of my nonexistent imagination
I wonder how big the universe really is
I wonder how many universes there are
I wonder what the basic building block of everything is
I wonder why people hate
I wonder why people kill other people
I don't understand it
I may never understand it
Yet still I wonder
It's in a human's nature to wonder
To question everything
Why does a watch tick?
How does a butterfly fly?
Why is it called a butterfly?
Who am I?
Why am I?
The world is one of those pictures where you have to find out all the things that are off about it
The man's shoes are untied
The tree is upside down
But instead of something simple like someone's eyes being two different colors
It's more like "Is the cat dead or alive?"
Some of these questions have answers
The answer is both
Some do not
I wonder why an answer is what it is
Why are firetrucks red?
I wonder if anyone else wonders
I wonder why I wonder
I wonder

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