Monday, August 29, 2011

Generic Heartbroken Poetry.

She says it's for the best
Since when does she know what's best?
Better as friends?
I don't feel better
Do I look better?
You don't seem better
You seem as hurt as I am
Hurt by your own words
Words as sharp as knives cutting through me
Words that used to soothe my pain
Your words were always the sweetest to reach my ears
I did anything for those sweet syllables
I still would

Everything is different now
My days and nights now uncertain
Spending every moment in this open doored prison
Not afraid to leave
No reason to

I can't say how many times I've asked for a second
fourth chance
Undeserving as I may be, I still think I'm worth a try
We shared the sweetest of moments
I was always there for you
I still am
I long for that feeling again
To love and be loved in return
You say you still love me
I'm not sure of much anymore
There are two things I am sure of
I love you
We belong together

I will not lose hope.

Dedicated to Samantha, and written late at night, like everything else.

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