Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sometimes I wonder
"Sometimes" is an understatement
I wonder about a lot of things
I wonder why people use tanning beds
I wonder how hard it would be to completely disappear from everything
To erase everything about myself and go live in a cave in Spain
I wonder if there are any caves in Spain
I wonder what would happen if I would die
I'm not stupid enough to try and find out
But I wonder
As far as I know
I'm the only sentient thing in the universe and everyone else is just a figment of my nonexistent imagination
I wonder how big the universe really is
I wonder how many universes there are
I wonder what the basic building block of everything is
I wonder why people hate
I wonder why people kill other people
I don't understand it
I may never understand it
Yet still I wonder
It's in a human's nature to wonder
To question everything
Why does a watch tick?
How does a butterfly fly?
Why is it called a butterfly?
Who am I?
Why am I?
The world is one of those pictures where you have to find out all the things that are off about it
The man's shoes are untied
The tree is upside down
But instead of something simple like someone's eyes being two different colors
It's more like "Is the cat dead or alive?"
Some of these questions have answers
The answer is both
Some do not
I wonder why an answer is what it is
Why are firetrucks red?
I wonder if anyone else wonders
I wonder why I wonder
I wonder

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I’m afraid of reaching into the oven and getting burnt
I’m afraid of accidentally getting hot sauce in my eyes from touching the bottle
I’m afraid of dropping my phone in the toilet
I am not afraid of heights
Or spiders
Or even snakes
No, I’m afraid of drinking sour milk
My fears aren’t exactly normal
Some people are afraid of public speaking
I’m not
I’m afraid of the guy serving my food not washing his hands after using the bathroom
When I was little, I was afraid of lightning
Now I love lightning
I’m still afraid of thunder though
I met a man who was afraid of shaking hands
I told him not to be self conscious
I’m afraid that my friends might actually be bears
Everyone has a fear
Some have many
Mine aren’t exactly normal
But neither are yours

That last one isn’t true

Thursday, February 3, 2011


You know that guy you saw yesterday in the park?
You probably don’t remember
He was wearing a black and white striped shirt with dark blue ripped jeans
Don’t worry
He didn’t buy them that way
He was your age
He was the one with the dark brown hair
You probably couldn’t see his eyes, but they were brown like his hair
He noticed your eyes
A beautiful green
He was on his iPod listening to something you’ve probably heard before
It was probably too loud
He had a black notebook and it looked like he was drawing something
He was wearing the same purple Converse as you
He was sitting on a bench when you sat on the other side
He gave a shy “Hello,” but nothing more
You gave a shy “Hi,” and nothing more
He thought of saying “Beautiful day, isn’t it” but he didn’t
He thought you might say, “Very nice. I love autumn”
He would reply with, “My favorite season”
But he didn’t
He started thinking too much
He thought about how you probably saw hundreds of people that day and you wouldn’t remember this one
He wanted to say so many things
His mind was racing
He couldn’t even push a little, “How are you”
You read him like a book
You said, “How are you”
He said, “I’m good. How are you”
“Pretty good”
He didn’t know where to go from there
Both you and he stayed quiet until you had to leave
You simply said, “Bye”
He said, “See ya” like you two were friends and you’d see each other tomorrow
You went on your way
He wished he would’ve caught your name
He wished you wished you would’ve caught his name.

That guy was me.
I just wanted to say hi again.