Saturday, May 7, 2011


The first falls gently
Then one is taken away by an absorbent piece of cotton
One rolls down a soft pale hill
Like an owl at midday they shouldn't be coming out
You don't give a typical "something in my eye"
For the one you're with is no fool
You've known that since day one
Hell, you've known that since before day one
No, she's different
Able to sense your emotions before you even realize you have any
She can read you, not like a book
But like a billboard
Big arial lettering scattered across
Deception is not something she takes
You're not sure what's wrong so what can you tell her?
The common "it's nothing" will do
She knows you'll come around so she says nothing
You'd think her to be an FBI agent the way she reads you
You're just a criminal and she's the one hired to figure out how the gears turn
She watches
You talk
She listens
You stay silent
That seems like the best thing to do at a time like this


  1. above topic is fantastic and each and every line is perfect lines and meaningful. My favourite line about that poem is : She can read you, not like a book But like a billboard.

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